Sessions with your parent coach will consist of:

  • An initial parent meeting to discuss areas of need, goals, behaviours, background information, etc.
  • The parent coach will provide strategies in the areas of:
    • Daily routines
    • Communication
    • Play/Social skills
  • The strategies will be taught through:
    • Parent coaching sessions with the parent and child
    • Parent meetings, 1:1 with the parents
    • In home sessions
  • Travel time and mileage fees may be applicable for in home sessions.

Parent coaching consists of 1 hour weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions with the parent coach either in our centre or in the home (Please note that due to COVID, sessions will be done virtually until it is safe to resume in-person).  The sessions are individualized to the needs and priorities of each child and the family and will involve answering any questions the parents may have, addressing their concerns, or focusing on the individual needs of the child.  As the parent engages with their child, the parent coach will model strategies and provide assistance regarding goals and techniques.

At the beginning of programming, administrative time may be required to set up formal goals, gather materials and visual aids, etc.

The centre is located at the Emerging Minds East office at 5330 Canotek Road, Unit 36.

For more information, please contact our parent coaches directly:

Theresa Martinez at (Please do not send confidential information such as names and dates of birth via email.) Please note that Theresa is not accepting new clients at this time.

Gianna Colizza, through her administrative assistant Jennifer Mackintosh at 613-883-3716.

Veronique Chiasson, through her administrative assistant Francine Hopley at 613-790-0241.

Josée Massé, through her administrative assistant, Francine Hopley at 613-790-0241.