Theresa Martinez

Parent Coach

Theresa Martinez has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently working as a Parent Coach (supervised by a Psychologist) using the Early Start Denver Model at Emerging Minds and using Autism Navigator for the Quickstart Early Years Partnership. Theresa has been working with children with ASD as well as other behavioral needs for over 15 years. She provides consultations to parents, working one on one with children and their parents together to increase appropriate functional behaviours as well as decreasing and replacing less functional ones.  Her work focuses on increasing communication and play/social skills, the use of behaviour and coping strategies, and increasing independence in daily routines.  Theresa is passionate about working collaboratively with parents to individualize strategies and approaches that will motivate each child to learn and grow.

Due to COVID, Parent Coaching sessions will be done virtually.  Sessions may include parent meetings, one on one coaching sessions with the child and parent.  At this time, Theresa is not accepting new parent coaching clients through Emerging Minds.

 (Please do not send confidential information such as names and dates of birth over email.)