Robin Gaines

Speech Language Pathologist

Robin Gaines, Ph.D., SLP ©, Reg. CASPLO, is a speech-language pathologist who has worked with children with a variety of speech/language delays and disorders for more than 20 years. Robin most enjoys working with families who are invested in helping their children communicate more effectively. She specializes in service delivery for very young children, children showing at-risk signs of autism, children with motor planning/motor speech disorders, and children with language learning difficulties. Robin is generally available to see clients on Wednesdays.

Robin and Yolanda Korneluk collaborated on research involving the parent coaching component of the Early Start Denver Model. Preliminary results of the ‘Act Early Project for Autism’ indicated significant child improvement in adaptive behavior and communication skills and provided the evidence needed for QuickStart Autism to begin the Quickstart Early Intervention Program for children under 30 months of age. This research was funded by the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health Research. Ongoing program development has been possible with support from QuickStart Autism.

Robin is also a Regional Specialist and Trainer in the Autism Navigator Program.


Civic Hospital Area