Emerging Minds Est

Emerging Minds Est is a satellite office which offers occupational therapy, behaviour intervention and parent coaching.  They can be reached at 613-790-0241 or admin-est@emergingminds.ca.

They are located at 2310 St. Laurent Boulevard, in unit 214.

Emerging Minds Est is a bilingual treatment center.  They use evidence-based strategies from relationship, developmental, behavioural, and curriculum-based interventions.

Functional Intervention provides rich learning opportunities that focus on moving your child on a positive developmental path.  The intervention activities are based on real life learning opportunities within everyday activities in several domains such as self-care, leisure, and play as well as productivity (chores, pre-school, or school tasks).  Functional Intervention also promotes the development of emotional regulation and positive social interactions.  Services are tailored to your child’s needs, family priorities, and desired outcomes.