Danielle Quigley


Danielle Quigley earned her PhD in developmental psychology from Carleton University in 2013 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in 2014. Under the supervision of Dr. Korneluk, she provides psychoeducational assessment for children and youth. Danielle has a wealth of experience working with children and youth in a variety of settings, and is committed to making the assessment experience fun and interesting for clients. She uses her extensive training and knowledge in child and adolescent development to tailor her recommendations to an individual’s needs. Prior to working as a psychometrist at Emerging Minds, she was a faculty member in the department of psychology at Douglas College, teaching introductory and developmental psychology courses. She is also a sessional instructor at Carleton University. She has been working with the Emerging Minds team on research projects since 2009 when she was a graduate student, and has completed the Autism Navigator Program.

Danielle Quigley performs assessments for children aged 0-18 at 1276 Wellington Street West, under Dr. Korneluk’s supervision.  Her administrative assistant is Debbie Ladisa.