As our waitlists for assessment are currently closed to clients 5 years old and older, we have assembled this list of local alternate resources for parents seeking assessments for their children.  Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the practices listed.  We have created this list as a courtesy for families.  Please contact the individual providers for more information about their practice and availability.

If your child is under 5 years old and you would like them to be added to the Emerging Minds waitlist, please contact Jennifer Mackintosh at 613-883-3716.

For publicly funded services of children between the ages of 0-18, please contact the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre at 613-737-0871.

For services for children under 2 years old: please contact Quickstart Autism at 613-791-3757.

For assessment of children 2-18:

Dr. Martine Roberge: 819-918-0611

Dr. Anne Ritzema: 613-816-7792

Dr. Hien Nguyen: 613-722-7373 ext 205

For assessment of children 3-12:

Dr. Jenny DeMark: 613-222-5098

Dr. Linda Reinstein: 613-240-9190

For adults 18+:

Centre for Interpersonal Relationships: 1-855-779-2347

Dr. James Brazeau: 613-726-7355

Dr. Vlatko Dabic: 819-700-0048

For counselling and support of older teens and young adults:

Dr. Sonia Tanguay: 613-612-0493

Dr. Brenda Saxe: 613-231-7170

Dr. Louise Rouillard: 613-222-8306

Laurie Marie Carnigan and Danaya Kotyk: Asperger Counselling and Therapy Services