Emerging Minds has three different locations in the city of Ottawa:

Our main office: 97 Hinton Avenue North with Dr. Yolanda Korneluk, Dr. Jennifer Metcalf, Dr. Gillian Graham, Dr. Isabelle Lussier, Dr. Gordon Mouldey, Mary Champagne, Heather Fawcett and Tara Connolly.  The office number is 613-728-3808.

Our program centre: 1002 Byron Avenue (For information on our programs, please contact Eleanor Jean-Louis at 613-884-7367.)

Our east end location: 5330 Canotek Road, Suite 36 with Veronique Chiasson, Julie Beauparlant, Valerie Arpin and Theresa Martinez.  The office number is 613-790-0241.