A Registered Dietitian can help you and your family translate complex scientific nutrition information into practical tips to help you achieve your nutrition related goals. More specifically, by taking a closer look at your diet and the foods you eat, a Dietitian can:

– Help determine nutrient deficiencies and provide strategies to correct them. 

– Provide realistic tips to help you meet your nutrient requirements.

– Provide strategies to alleviate picky eating.

– Assess growth, determine growth requirements and suggest ways to help you meet your energy requirements. 

– Provide recipes and modify recipes to meet your needs, and create meal plans to help you reach your goals.

– Assess possible drug and nutrient interaction and provide suggestions to prevent nutrition complications. 

– Help you build confidence in the kitchen by working with you and your family to develop food skills.

… And so much more!​

 If you would like to inquire further about Dietitian services or book an appointment, please contact our Dietitian, Isabelle Desilets directly at 613-612-3569 or by email at IDesilets@emergingminds.ca