We are currently accepting applications for our CIP (Comprehensive Intervention Program) waitlist.  We are considering children diagnosed with autism, who are between the ages of 1 to 12 years and who also live in the Greater Ottawa area.

Below, please enter your child’s age, as well as a phone number and email address where we can reach you during the day.  Also, please indicate the general location of your family home (where sessions will take place), how many sessions you are interested in per week, and whether you have a preference for morning or afternoon sessions.

Please note that a position on the waitlist does not guarantee that you will be offered a CIP program.  Offers of programs are done on a best-suited basis, not a first-come-first-served basis.

Applications will be evaluated by Eleanor Klausmann, our Director of Operations.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions is below:

I hit submit, what happens next?  When will I know if my child has been added to the waitlist?

All applications will be added to our waitlist.  Eleanor Klausmann will contact suitable families when program openings are available.

When will I know if my child will be offered a program at Emerging Minds?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how many program openings will be available, nor can we predict when such openings will occur.  When openings occur, we consider all families currently on our waitlist and offer programs on the basis of who is best-suited to the available staff and times.

How much is the program at Emerging Minds?

Eleanor Klausmann will review the various costs with prospective families, including our hourly rate and program design fees.

Can I do a program of just a few hours a week?

Each session of our CIP is 3.5 hours.  There is a minimum of 2 sessions per week in a program, so the minimum amount of time is 7 hours per week.

Is it possible to have sessions on weekends or evenings?

No, we do not offer sessions on weekends.  All potential openings are Monday to Friday, either in the morning (beginning at 8) or afternoon (beginning at 1).

How long am I committing to the program?

If at any time you wish to end the program, we require that you provide us with one month (30 days) notice.

If you have further questions, you may contact Eleanor Klausmann.