Heather Fawcett provides counselling to older teens and adults on the autism spectrum and their families.  She provides support to individuals and families in understanding ASD, managing anxiety and depression, handling life transitions, navigating relationships and coordinating supports and services.  She can be contacted at 613-454-8081 or hfawcett@emergingminds.ca.

Dr. Yolanda Korneluk and Dr. Jennifer Metcalf  provide assessments for teens and adults. Please note that due to the volume of clients on their waitlist, Dr. Korneluk and Dr. Metcalf are not accepting new clients on their waitlist at this time.  We will be re-examining the situation in the fall to see if we can re-open the waitlists.  For more information please contact Jennifer Mackintosh at 613-883-3716 or jmackintosh@emergingminds.ca.